An Auction in Montana

So the other weekend I got invited to a very small school fundraiser for a middle school – err, well, it is the elementary school AND middle school for this town about 15 minutes from Bozeman, MT.

The fund raiser was an auction for various donated items so the kids could make their annual trip to Washington, DC.  The place was pretty busy for a school event. It looks like the whole town showed up!

Auction in Montana

There were two types of auctions going on.  The silent auction, where you need to be the highest price, usually the last one to bid.  You simply wrote it on the yellow paper with your special auction number.

Silent Auction

A lot of great items were up for auction, including ski passes as well as Juliann’s precious custom metal work!

Juliann Iron Original Frame

While the silent auction was going on, we received excellent service from the school kids themselves. Yep, they were actually working for their donations!

Working Kids

When the food was served everyone was hungry, so long lines were formed! Luckily we were with some locals and knew when stand up and wait so it wasn’t so long :)

Packed Auction

After dinner, the live auctions started! This was very cool. All the items were laid out in front so potential buyers could check them out. My favorite? The gun. Yep, at a school event, they were selling a gun. Rock on Montana!

Gun for Auction

They also had a smoker and half of a bison! The bison I actually wanted to bid on, but the price was over $300.  I so wish I had that money to spare, and the freezer space!

For the live auctions they had a professional auctioneer.  He looked like a cowboy too!


I wish I had video of him auctioning.  I actually did, but it looks like I’ve deleted it! It was a very cool experience, and lucky he wasn’t going too quickly so after a few minutes someone new (like me) could grasp it.

I hope the children managed to raise enough money. It was a great night and a great auction!


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