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Montana shows off its Gay Pride

Gay Pride BozemanSaturday was a beautiful day, and a great day for the Montana Pride Parade.

At first when I heard about Montana Pride, I thought it was for people who were proud to be Montanans.

Now, the people at the parade were proud to be Montanan. They were also proud to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT).

Thousands gathered from all around Montana to participate.

I was lucky enough to be a part of the parade with AIDS Outreach.  So while we were setting up and waiting for the parade to start (while getting a tan), I got to see some very interesting characters.

From God & Gun lovers…

God, Guns & Gays

To a young generational who just loves his moms…

I love my moms

To an older gentleman who probably couldn’t believe how far we have come…

Old Gay Man

There were also some great organizations represented in the parade, apart from AIDS Outreach, such as Bozeman’s secret gay bar, PLONK (known only as the “gayest bar in Bozeman”.

plonk gay bar bozeman

And completely “mainstream” organizations such as Yellowstone National Park. Yeah baby, Yellowstone represented in the parade!

Yellowstone National Park Gay Pride

Being in the parade, and seeing the towns people cheer was great! Afterwards everyone met on the library lawn for a rally where we heard speakers from various political and non profit organizations about how far the United States has come to improve human rights for our LGBT friends and family members.

Gay Rally Bozeman Montana

We were so lucky it was such great weather and what a great turn out we had from all over Montana!

Katie Goodman Gay Pride BozemanIn the evening at MSU there was a great DIVA show and after party. It was a pity that the cover charge ($20) was so high.  It stopped a couple of my straight friends from coming and enjoying the show and cultural experience!

However, it was a blast!  For the most part we enjoyed it…. But let me get on my soap box for just a moment…

It was  a bit too political. We need to remember that our LGBT friends and family members come in all shapes and sizes… and that means conservatives too! Gay rights is not a political issue, it is a human rights issue.  Sometimes politics are involved, but just because you are gay doesn’t mean you are “liberal” in all other aspects of your beliefs.

Ok, I’m done, back to the fun stuff! The DIVAS were fabulous.  Many came out to perform twice.

Drag Queen Bozeman

Their costumes were amazing, and they were so entertaining! I wish I remembered their names, unfortunately I can’t find it online. My favorite was this lovely lady!

Best Drag Queen Bozeman

She had spunk, the best songs, and the best act in the show by far! The second time she came out, she was dressed like a viking. With my connections to Sweden, how could I not love her?

Viking Drag Queen

My second favorite also had a lot of spunk, and did some great pieces!

Drag Queen Montana

And you can’t have a drag show without Tina Turner, right?

Tina Turner Drag Queen

If anybody knows the names of these lovely ladies, please let me know so I can update my post!

All in the all the GAY Pride Parade in Bozeman was pretty freakin awesome. If you didn’t make it out here this year, please try to join next year. Really, there were only two semi naked people there.

Show your support. If you don’t like gay parades, then please vote for basic human rights like equal marriage and ability to adopt for LGBT couples. Once our LGBT friends and family get the same human rights as everyone else, I promise you, we will stop marching… Can’t say as much about the drag queen shows. But you can just not go to those… you will be missing out though!

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