St. Patrick’s Day in Butte, Montana

Wow, my very first St Patrick’s Day in the United States over 21.

Time to get crazy!

So in Montana, the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day is Butte.

So Butte we headed!

First off, for St Patrick’s Day you have to dress the part. Right down to your toes.

St Patrick's Day shoes

We got there at about 4pm, and the party was already way under way. So underway that the whiskey was already out and about!

Whiskey at 4

And the trash cans were already full… of beer cans!

St Patty Days trash

Our first stop was.. The Dublin! Guess what. It’s an Irish pub!

Dublin an Irish Pub in Butte

It was loud, dark, and packed with green inside.

The Dublin in Butte

Pretty fun party, but, no beer on tap! What? They apparently they didn’t have time for tapped beer. Lame. We grabbed a Guinness and then left.  Yep, St Patrick’s Day in Butte is the one day you can drink on the street!  And there were plenty people on the street!

Crowded streets

Next we headed to a place where I could get some good beer on tap (yes, I’m a beer snob!)

Bozemaniac with beer

And where was this? At the Quarry Brewery!

The Quarry Brewing

They dig beer! And this place wasn’t lacking in St Patrick’s Day festivities!  There were lots of green tutus…

green tutu

And crazy green heads floating around in the crowd…

Green heads

And of course drunk Americans signing the national anthem (because that is so Irish!) while standing on tables!

Drunk Americans

One of my favorite parts was an American tradition I hadn’t had for more than a decade. The jello shot.

Jello shot

What fun! I took that shot like an expert. And boy was it strong!

Hilary taking a jello shot

Unfortunately we were only allowed 3 beers, so off we were to the next stop. But wait, what happened here?  It’s not a party until your cheap heel breaks!

Broken heel on St Patricks' Day

That’s ok, I wasn’t angry. I was as cool as a cowboy!

Cowboy cool

No worries! It was time to head back to the street. It was getting dark but the party was just started.

Butte at night

We, however, are old and tired bunch, so we headed home. It was definitely an experience! I’m so glad I had my favorite Bozeman MT photographer with me to take fabulous pictures, and a great DD! Thanks guys for an amazing time!

Ashley and Kyle

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