406 Brewing Company

406 Brewing Company

Address: 111 S. Oak, Bozeman, MT
Hours: 10am to 9pm

This fun brewery opened in April,  2011 and is a great local American “pub”. They have the actual brewery open so you can go in and look around.

Their beer on tap is fab, but as is law, you can only get 3 beers. Its for tasting. And they do keep track.

406 Brewing Company

Called the 406, it really gives an atmosphere of local Bozeman awesomeness.

Some nights they even have live music! Definitely worth checking out :)

Do you know where the 406 comes from? It is the local area code of Bozeman.


According to a local Bozemaniac:

“406 isn’t just the local area code for Bozeman, but for the entire state! 406 is used in many forms to refer to MT. We are one of very few states with a small enough population to warrant a single area code. :)

Wowzers! How freakin’ cool is that?! Answer: Awesome cool.