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Cateye Cafe


Cateye Welcome

Location: 23 N. Tracy, Bozeman, MT
Phone: 406-587-8844
Hours: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am to 2:30pm, Sat & Sun 7am to 2pm.  
Lunch: Monday – Friday, 11am -2:30pm
Price: $$


Ok, first off let me just say that I’m super bias, as I love cats. So a cat themed cafe is right up my alley!

This restaurant cafe has cats galore, even a big cat sign welcoming you.  There are small little signs of cats everywhere. I bet you can’t count how many cats are featured in this restaurant!

But beside the cat theme, the restaurant is small, adorable, and has delicious breakfast.

cateye restaurant bozeman mt

There is also something very spunky about this restaurant in Bozeman.  There are a list of rules (The way of the Cateye) one should follow and not take too seriously, there are cateye glasses you can borrow at any time, and even the waitresses have a sense of humor!

Favorite Dish

It’s American breakfast. They are all freakin good! Check out their entire menu online. Cateye gets extra points too for being able to watch the chefs cook while you wait, and for actually having a website! Kudos!

cateye kitchen

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