Location: 701 W Main Street, Bozeman, MT
Phone: 406-582-8369
Hours: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 6am to 6pm, Sat 7am to 4pm, & Sun 8am to 3pm.  
Price: $$ 

Review of Great Harvest Bread Co

Great Harvest

If you are looking for some freshly baked bread, then Great Harvest Bread Co is for you! This fresh bakery has it all. They daily bake fresh bread (each day they have a specific recipe they bake for that day) as well as muffins and other pastry delights. (I highly recommend you try the white chocolate cherry bread, though it is addicting!)

All of their breads and pastries are baked using natural, healthy ingredients (and ingredients you can actually understand when you read the nutritional information!), so you won’t feel guilty eating at Great Harvest.

Not only do they bake fresh bread and other delicious treats, they also have premixed packages. So you can bake your own healthy bread, pancakes and other treats at home!

Great Harvest Sandwhich

Great Harvest is not just a great place to pick up a quick breakfast (you must try their breakfast sandwiches!).  They also have fabulous lunch sandwiches which you can get toasted (which makes it so much better to me!).  You can choose what kind of bread you what on your sandwich as well as if you want chips or a healthy piece of fruit with your sandwich (I love healthy!)

Great Harvest Bread

Oh, and they also have daily samples of bread you can try. How cool is that? And with a Rely Local card (only $10) you can get discounts and a free cup of coffee everyday!

I know this is my favorite place to eat, and I will be getting all of my future bread from here.  That way I know what is in it and that it is fresh and good for me!

Recommended Treats to Try

  • White Chocolate Cherry Bread – This bread is to die for! Very addicting!
  • Breakfast Sandwich – If you want a breakfast sandwich that gets you a good start to your day without leaving you feel greasy or overeating, then Great Harvest Bread Co has what you need!

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