Old Chicago

 Location: 1940 North 19th Avenue, Bozeman, MT
Phone: (406) 587-9404
Hours: Sun – Wed, 11am – 12am; Thur- Sat, 11am – 2am.  Happy Hours Monday  - Friday 4pm – 7pm; Sunday 7pm -10pm
Price: $$


Old Chicago in Bozeman

Do you like pizza and beer? Then you will love Old Chicago!  While this is a chain restaurant, there is still something classic at Old Chicago, and if you go to the one in Bozeman on a Friday or Saturday night, it will be packed.

The deep dish pizza is to die for. I haven’t had good pizza in awhile, granted, but there is something oh-so-buttery good about the Old Chicago style crust.  Unfortunately there are not too many healthy dishes at this diner, which is a downfall for some (including me).  But everything you order here will be worth every calorie filled bite.

World Beer Tour Old Chicago

If you are a beer fan, then you will be finding yourself going to Old Chicago often. With the World Beer Tour card you can try all 110 beers and get on their wall.  There are also some other great prizes for drinking beer (I’ve gotten a T-shirt and a deck of cards already!)

Favorite Dish: Chicago Seven Pizza

Yes, I know. Evil calories, oh-so-good taste wise. And amazing with beer. This deep dish pizza is one of my favorites, with onions, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and more. I’ve ordered this time and again, and the great thing is they do have individual pizzas, so no reason to share and still fit into your pants the next day!

Chicago Seven Pizza