Location: 1018 E Griffin Dr, Bozeman, MT
Phone: (406) 586-9728
Hours: Friday 7:30am to 2pm; Sat & Sun 7:30am to 1pm.
Price: $

Stockyard Cafe


If you are looking to have a blast in the past, then Stockyard Cafe is the restaurant for you. More of an old shack compared to a modern restaurant, this place will take you back to the time of farmers and live cattle auctions. Yep, it is located right next to the livestock auction place (which is probably where it got its name!)

Livestock Auction

Inside you will not be bored. The atmosphere is really fun. There are things on the wall that I could stare at for hours. Oldness, so cool.

Inside Stockyard Cafe

My favorite part? Was their old fashioned counter. Why don’t they make restaurants like this anymore?  Probably because it is hard for the waitresses to get around.  Still pretty cool though, and it seems to work for this restaurant (though our waitress did serve us a bit from behind the counter, even though we were at a table! Still, all about the fun, right?)

Stockyard Cafe counter

And the food? Well, probably the same it was years and years ago when the cafe first opened. Greasy, yummy, breakfast food! While we were there, I tried their special, cinnamon roll french toast. It was exactly as it promised!

Cinnamon Roll French toast

Another family member got the omelette. Yummy!

Stockyard Cafe Omelette

This restaurant was fabulous, and a real Bozeman experience. It is a definitely a must for any visitor, and if you live in Bozeman and you haven’t been here yet, what is wrong with you?? :)

Be prepared to walk into the past and get some delicious grubby food, just like in the old days!


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