Bozeman Events

Gallatin Valley Fair

Woot! Everybody gets excited when the fair is in town! Which is what happened two weekends ago. And what a time it was!

We get to the fair and there are a tons of local businesses on display, as well as information about Bozeman. We stop by our friends at Ascend Wellness and I got a pulse diagnosis.  I have to say, I had no idea how much one can tell from a pulse! Very (and creepily) impressive!

Ascend Wellness

There were also some fabulous stands about the City of Bozeman itself (and I got a great pic of a cowboy looking at it. How cool!)

City of Bozeman

I thought the weed stand was pretty hilarious. And not what you think! Apparently there are some wild weeds that shouldn’t be, so the public is properly notified in order to fight these plants!

Wanted Weeds

There were also some amazing vendors at the fair. My favorite were the jewelry flowers. This guy makes amazing jewelry from real flowers and butterflies!

Flower jewelry

We purchased something for someone special who has a birthday coming up (and luckily does not read this blog).  How cool!

Of course people don’t go to the fair for stands and vendors. They go to the fair for rides!

Ferris Wheel in Bozeman

And there were plenty of rides to choose from! However, our favorite part of the fair? The food! We decided to go for the funnel cake, and it was freakin awesome to watch it being made!

Funnel Cake Live

And it was freakin delicious too! I got mine with cinnamon and honey.  First time ever having a funnel cake and it won’t be the last!

All in all the fair was a blast.  Some good old time fun!

Ladies Night Out in Bozeman

ladies night outSo last night was Ladies Night Out. Just in time for mother’s day, it was an evening of pampering, shopping, and networking! A red carpet evening all for the ladies of Bozeman!

It was thrown by Gallatin Valley Furniture Carpet One, and they did a fabulous job!  Not only did we get pampered, but they collected shoes to donate to Haven, the Bozeman woman’s shelter.


When we arrived at the red carpet, we were afraid to see valet parking. Hmmm, how much will this cost us?  I guess we forgot it was Ladies Night Out and that we were queens!  The valet parking? Completely Free! Can’t complain one bit! We jumped on the red carpet.  Of course there were many ladies waiting in line to eagerly get in!

Ladies Night Line

The entire store was filled with people from different companies that cater to us ladies from Mary Kay (and yes, I got my make up done!)…

Mary Kay Make up

To a cupcake station provided by The Leaf & Bean!

CupCake Station

They had so many toppings to choose from I had trouble picking out which ones I wanted!  In the end, though the cupcake was of course delicious!

CupCake Fun

The whole night we had opportunities to win prizes. All around the store there were red balloons which had a ticket attached to it. If the ladies number matched the ticket number on the balloon, that lucky lady would win the prize!

Lucky Lady

There were a lot of balloons so I’m sure a lot of ladies walked away lucky!

There was of course also a raffle to win even more prizes!

Ladies Night Raffle

Some of my more favorite stations? The cards…


And not just the gift cards, but the tarot cards too!

Tarot card reading

This is my future!

Future in the cards

All in all it was an amazing night! I look forward to the next Ladies Night Out in Bozeman!

Hair and Art in Bozeman

So Bozeman, Montana does something I think is super cool. A lot of local shops, such as coffee shops, restaurants and the like, have local artists displaying in their stores.

The other night we headed to Theory Hair Salon on N. Wallace in Bozeman for Kelsey Dzintars‘ art opening. While it was a hair salon, it didn’t seem like your typical hair salon at all.

Theory Hair Salon

Its open and artistic and felt like a perfect place for some vibrant art from Kelsey (while I don’t know Kelsey I’ve decided her art is so cool I should be on a first name basis with her. Now I am.)

Kelsey Dzintars synesthesia

Celeste Johnson is the friendly, outgoing and all around awesome stylist who showed us around and talked about her first few amazing months at Theory Hair Salon and how much she loved it.

Celeste Johnson stylist

It wasn’t long before the party was really starting, and with live music, and yummy treats, there was no reason not to visit this art opening!

Theory Hair Salon

While I didn’t get my hair cut at Theory Hair Salon, I was well impressed with their inspiration wall.

Inspiration Wall

If you are wanting an inspiring, ultra cool hair cut, I recommend you give Celeste a call at (406) 586 3198. She will rock your world.