horse run

The Last Horse Run in Three Forks

On Saturday was the 11th annual horse run in Three Forks, Montana. Sadly it will be the last!

Horse Run Three Forks MT

The horse run is an event that came out of necessity.  Apparently the horse company simply needed to move all of its horses from the winter pasture to the summer one, but because they owned so many horses, it was too expensive to transport them via truck. So instead, they ran them through town.

Soon it became a huge even in Three Forks.  We headed out there to enjoy some good Montana company and watch the horses.

We arrived at about 10:30.  First rumor? Horses are coming at 11. But then we were delayed, so we walked around town, checked out the sales stands, and then sat ourselves by Sacajawea Hotel to people watch and wait for the horses.

Sacajawea Hotel

There was a live band playing on the deck, and it was fabulous to be so up close and enjoy the music!

Cowboy band

At one point a local girl came on stage and played her fiddle. It was adorable!

Fiddle Girl

And while it was a little cold, everyone was having a good time waiting for the horses. We had heard they were coming at 1, it was 1:15 and everyone was partying!

Montana kids dancing

There were some beautiful characters there too. Such as this cowgirl with her dog…

Cowgirl with dog

And these lovely ladies and their hats! First there were two…

Ladies with cool hats

And then there were more!

Hat ladies

And the adorable little girl on her mother’s back.

little girl on mothers back

1:45 and we hear that the horses are coming soon! 15 more minutes!  Soon, everyone starts to look down the street. Their is a buzz in the air.

horse run buzz

And yep, soon enough you can start to see the horses!

Horses appear

They were beautiful!

Horse Run in Three forks

Everyone was taking pictures and smiling.

Horse Run pictures

And as soon as they came, they were leaving again :(

Last Horse Run Three Forks

I’m sad that this was the last horse run, and I’m so grateful that I was able to experience the last one!