Polecat Blue Grass coming to Bozeman!

Polecat is coming to Bozeman July 26th, both to play at Music on Main and a show at the Zebra the following evening. I got a chance to get to know this awesome band and I can’t wait to hear them play! For those of you who haven’t heard them, check out their video below, as well as their great interview!

Polecat Blue Grass BandWhat is Polecat?

Polecat is five people playing music that you can stomp to! Our instruments are upright bass, electric guitar, 12-string guitar and vocals, drums, and fiddle. We want our audience to feel we are always giving them danceable, hoot hollerin’ good music, but we also want them to also be challenged musically. Plus, with so many genres to explore, why would we pick just one?

What sort of genres do you lean towards?

We started out a little bluegrass and there is still some of that flavor in the tunes. Aaron’s songs are most comfortably classified Americana/Rock. Then Cayley (fiddle) decided it was time to play some Irish music, and then Karl (drums) broke into a reggae beat… Our current set list also includes some disco, a Russian tune in 15/16, and an 80′s cover.

Bellingham is a bit of a drive. What do you do to pass the time?

Cassettes have become our music delivery system of choice. If we can find a Goodwill in a city we are visiting, we’ll usually pick up a couple of new hot tracks. I’d say the most played is Gipsy Kings. We know almost all the vowel sounds on that tape now. Our van has been dubbed Michael Bolton (due to the fact that it is very white), so we pay aural homage to him as well. Sometimes Cayley will force us to answer questions from an early 90′s Trivial Pursuit game.

What does this summer look like for Polecat?

July is a busy month… I think we have five days off in the next three weeks. Before we come to Bozeman we will be playing at Horning’s Hideout for String Cheese’s annual festival. In August we are playing Summer Meltdown Festival and Subdued Stringband Jamboree which becomes one of our favorite weekends of the year. In September we are very excited to be playing Bumbershoot for the first time. We don’t have a ‘summer’ in Bellingham so I’m not sure where to cut this off.

Anything you want to get out there?

We are stoked to play in Bozeman! We’ve never visited your city before so that makes it even more exciting. We’ve seen some pictures of Music on Main crowds, and Bozeman seems like it will be an enthusiastic music community. ALSO, after the show downtown on July 26th, we will be playing a free after-party show at the Zebra lounge. Come party with us, Bozeman!