The Filling Station

April Smith rocking in Bozeman

April Smith

So the other night I was minding my own business when I get a tweet from a Bozemaniac saying that there is going to be an amazing show at The Filler on Wednesday and I should check it out.

Well now, usually Wednesday shows are not my thing because a) its a school night and b) I assumed good bands play on Friday or Saturday.

I’m apparently completely wrong.

But I clicked on the link anyway.  And I was introduced to the beautiful and talented April Smith!

If you haven’t heard of April Smith I highly recommend you check her out. I knew I had to see more, and this being her last show in Bozeman until 2013, I grabbed my favorite Bozeman photographer and headed to the Filler!

Panther Car at the Filler

Panther Car at the Filler

There were two other bands playing before April Smith and the Great Picture Show.  Panther Car and Blue Voodoo, who are both fabulous local bands.  And of course The Filler provided the great party atmosphere that I love!

I couldn't be happier I'm drunk in Montana

The crowd that came out for April Smith was a great one, and true April Smith fans. And April Smith herself was down to earth and great to talk to!

April Smith and Bozemaniac

While I could have asked for more dancing from the fans, I was fine rocking it on the dance floor anyway while April rocked on stage!

April Smith Rockin

If you haven’t heard April Smith’s music or voice, I highly recommend you go check it out. I was able to snag some video at the concert for a sneak peak. She is amazing live and I’ve been listening to her non stop since Wednesday night!


If you enjoy her music, I highly recommend that you buy her album on iTunes now! Songs for a Sinking Ship (Bonus Track Version) – April Smith and the Great Picture Show

A night at the Filler

On Saturday night I had the chance to go to the Filler for some live music, beer, friends and fun! It was my first time at the Filler and my first time at a type of bar like this!

Hilary at the Filler

I have to say I was a bit nervous going. The Filling Station isn’t known as being a posh bar. However I felt completely at home. It felt like a pub, where there are regulars.

A regular

On Saturday four local bands were playing live on stage. This included Tempest and Beneath the Kraken!


The bar itself was great. The front area consisted of the bar and pool, while the back had room for a band and a dance floor. I wish more people would have danced, I guess I was the only weird one!

The Filler is never boring. It is one of those bars that has tons of things hanging on the walls (mostly license plates).

The Filler inside

They had some other cool things that I thought no longer existed. Like a cigarette machine!

Cigarette machine

And a pay phone! Remember those?

Pay Phone

Its funny, I’m not as cool as I once was, by 11 I was tired and ready to go. So once again I missed Beneath the Kraken playing live!

Luckily my dear friend Ashley, who is an amazing Bozeman photographer, was there to take some amazing shots of this band!

Beneath the kraken

The lead guitarist was also decked out is some weird Americana outfit. Now I really wish I was there!

Lead guitar Beneath the Kraken

All in all it was an amazing night, and an amazing place, especially if you like real bars.  I know I will look forward to the next time I can go to the Filling Station in Bozeman, whether it is for live music or just some good company and beer!

Deep in conversation at the Filling Station