Bozemaniac was founded on the love for Bozeman.  Since I’m leaving Bozeman to travel, I was thinking who was best to take over the site.  And I came to just one conclusion.  Those who Bozeman is built on.  The Bozeman community! So anybody living, loving, or visiting Bozeman can write for Bozemaniac, and share their awesome experiences.

There are some requirements when writing for Bozemaniac.

  1. Make it interesting, unique, and relevant!  The post should have something to do with Bozeman, life in Bozeman, or the surrounding areas.  It should not be published anywhere else (this is bad for SEO), and it should be well written and interesting to our readers!
  2. One image should be included.  The image must be either unique or it should be referenced.  Many images on, for example, can be used with a reference.
  3. Do not blatantly self advertise!  While you can include a link in your bio to your website and state what you do as a profession, the article should not be why someone should work with you.  In article links (links in the article) must go to relevant sites.
  4. Have good grammar. Please make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
  5. Aim for 300 words or more.  Each article should have at least 300 words or more.  Less can be accepted if it is a really good article.

What You Get in Return:

  1. If you post more than 3x a month you will be able to have a banner for your business on the website for the month following.
  2. If you post more than twice, you will be able to post on the Bozemaniac Facebook fan page (rules apply).
  3. You can have a link to your business website, as well as your Google Plus profile page.
  4. You will be able to help others who are looking for information about Bozeman!
  5. Your post will be shared on Bozemaniac’s Facebook fan page

What You Can Write About:

We have multiple sections in Bozemaniac, and those can be continued to be filled. Please, again, do not write about your own business, but review others!

  1. Blog: Various topics about what to do around town, top 10, experiences in Bozeman, and the like.
  2. Restaurants: review of a restaurant!
  3. Beer & Breweries: We definitely need more beer & brewery reviews!
  4. Shopping: If you know of a good shop you would like to review, please include it here!
  5. Bars: Have a favorite bar? Tell others about it!
  6. Things to Do: Activities people can do in and around Bozeman.

If you have an idea of a topic but aren’t sure about it, please let me know.  For questions, articles, and the like, contact hilary (at) endlessrangemarketing (dot) com.